iDinsk 5.3.17 Released To AppStore

iDinsk 5.3.17 is a video chat application for iPhone and iPad, compatible with most other videoconferencing systems. Unparalleled by features it supports, it is very easy to use, supports major communication standards, and even allows users to call each other via favorite social networks!

You can create your own iDinsk profile, or login using an existing profile from your preferred social network.

Now you're all set to start video chatting with your friends.

More on what is new and how-to is here, on our Forum App store

  • Dinsk owns fast H.263 and H.264 video codec implementation technology done in ARM assembler portable to any ARM platform, and utilizes via extensions an excellent communication stack compatible with all major SIP and H.323 implementations. Dinsk also developed a massive library of technologies supporting videoconferencing products on iOS and Windows Mobile. Please contact us for questions on licensing of those technologies and more. Questions? We like questions!
  • We also available for customization work and general contracts in iOS area of development. Our skills in realtime video and audio data delivery for iOS can not be matched by anyone else.
  • What Our Clients say:

    "Works quite well. I can even register it on our Cisco VCS SIP registrar. Good quality receive and aood audio transmit. I have been in a call between my Cisco Movi client and iDinsk and it works great. ... Great app for the price."

    By Mike Zinner, State of MN - OET

    I just purchased iDinsk for my iPad2 and it looks like a great piece of software. Thanks.’"